International Business Development
International Business Development

Key services include identification and assessment of business opportunities, investor’s research and strategy development for companies seeking for international development as well as supporting business owners / investors to understand issues, challenges and opportunities in various markets worldwide. Also handle senior level engagement and sourcing business partners and suppliers on behalf of clients, including undertaking PR functions and representing clients at meetings, exhibitions and events.

 APAM Services

Business Strategy

Strategic Planning

Identifying opportunities for international business growth (trade, direct investment, partnership, etc)
Evaluating business growth opportunities (opportunity costs, benefits, etc)


Strategic Partnerships

Identifying and assessing potential partnerships
Helping to categorize the types of partnerships valuable to your business
Preparing a presentation to approach potential partners


Investor’s research

Identify, prioritize and select potential Investors to introduce

Business Implementation

Strategy execution support

Supporting direct investment operations or partnerships setup locally
Detailed planning of local operations
Coordinating multiple stakeholders
Managing local issues and monitoring risks
Detailed reporting

Marketing Visibility Plan

Personal and Corporate Branding

How to market your businessand Expertise

Build your online presence


Promotion - Sales - Network 

How to find and established key realationship and networks

How to evaluate and prioritize opportunities

Social Media Branding

Communication Plan

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