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A Life Dedicated to Others: The Nation’s Real Stars

France has long been considered a global leader in terms of technologies, professional services, innovations, and defense. It is home to one of the strongest defense industries in the world and satisfies the majority of its military requirements without any external assistance. It competes with the US,

the UK, Russia, and China on the development of advanced military hardware and continues to consolidate its position as a major defense exporter.

Jean-Pierre Haigneré: A Cosmonaut’s View of Progress. We Are Not Heroes; we are the Image of the Earth

Over the course of three decades after the initial space race, the world’s interest in space exploration gradually shifted from a competition-based approach to a collaborative mission. Experts from around the world started to cooperate to explore and challenge the unknown and push the boundaries of innovation beyond our scientific and technical limits to address fundamental questions about our present and future.

Virginie Guyot, Fighter Pilot: True Leaders Inspire a  Shared Purpose

Every day we struggle to make sense of life, people, and the differences and complexity around us. What motivates the people we interact with? What are they afraid of in life? More importantly, what helps successful people to maintain a strong belief in themselves.

A belief that is so strong it ultimately helps them become who they want to be?

Michel Tognini: The Astronaut Secret. Strategy, Communication, and Time Management Are Key

Decades of rapid technological advancement, and social and economic changes have widened the generational gaps and introduced new sources of conflict over the issues of national identity and cultural values that are transforming our world and shaping the risks that threaten our future.

Patrick Dutartre: Piloting your business with excellence. Leaders must inspire their employees.

The global landscape is changing rapidly and is replete with risks. Addressing the risks can also help businesses to identify opportunities and better prepare for what lies ahead. The key is to consider the risks as part of structured scenario and strategy development. To effectively manage risk and seize the opportunity that lies within every challenge, a company must manage a variety of business dimensions.

Bernard Decré, What can history’s most important aircraft teach us about the future of the aerospace industry?

 "It takes human action, not technology, to transform dreams into reality. It is human desire as driven by curiosity and imagination that creates and transforms our ideas into tangible achievements."

Mr. Daniel Kunth and Tomorrow’s World: Ad Astra

The knowledge and truth these scholars seek permeate every element of contemporary life. It not only determines how we live today, but also serves the human desire to better understand how we came to be, the kind of universe we live in, whether we are alone, and what our ultimate fate will be.

Leadership & Management

Jack Krine, Fighter Pilot: Passion and Determination to Lock On to Your Target

Fighter pilots undoubtedly need the ability to work on their own initiative; however, leadership is also essential to an individual’s capacity to serve in the Air Force and rise to the upper echelons of the military elite. Teamwork is vital in the military because an individual rarely works alone; thousands of people perform various roles to accomplish the goal of the wider team. If you fail, alternatively your team fails with you.

Gérard Feldzer – Fighting for Peace; A World Without Frontiers

A life-changing opportunity.

Gérard was first introduced to the world of aviation when he was just six years old. His uncle, a pilot of a Soviet aircraft of the 2nd World War, Yak 03 Russian fighter plane, offering him a chance to fly in the plane and this simple gesture changed Gérard’s fate. 

If you do something for nothing, it is not worth living. If it is not going to be useful to someone; make an adventure for adventure, does not make sense, it does not make you exist.

Philippe Boissat, Enter The future requires vision. Seeing through human eyes or satellites?

aIt is no longer merely what happens in your immediate surroundings that affects your life. Many movements that take place in the far reaches of space define the world today. The billions of connections that exist between complex satellite systems have immediate social, political, and economic impacts and directly influence humanity’s ability to rise to the challenges of 21st-century life and emotion.

Francois Delahaye: In Pursuit of French Excellence

France has cultivated some of the globe’s most impressive talents, spanning multiple industries and areas of specialism including aerospace, technology, cosmetics, fashion, and hospitality, among others. However, it is France’s “Savoir-faire” that speaks loudly about its population and sets it firmly apart on the global landscape. France is undoubtedly home to a gifted community of people who know how to produce things, inspire others and, most importantly, value their most precious asset: Their “L’Art de Vivre.”

Inside the Kingdom of Fashion: The Intellectual and Millionaire Business

Fashion instigates new ways of thinking and acting, but before you see or have access to new looks, the development of collections or products through the understanding of trends is a very important phase. Recognition of trends is a key ability that every successful designer has used to bring renowned brands to world-wide attention

The Opportunity of Your Life is Here and Now. Make Sure You’re Dressed for the Occasion

Image is everything.

First impressions count.

You’ve probably been told these things hundreds of times before, but have you ever stopped to think about what they really mean for you and your business?

How can you apply these ideas in your life to really make a difference to what you achieve?

The way you present yourself speaks volumes about who you are. It communicates things about you that exceed way beyond anything you can conceive.

Today’s leaders need to demonstrate much more than a capacity to engage and inspire; they also need to have a strong sense of purpose.

Decades of rapid technological advancement in combination with social and economic changes have widened generational gaps and introduced new sources of conflict over issues of national identity and cultural values. The world as we know it is transforming at a rapid rate and new risks are emerging that seriously threaten our future.

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