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Gérard Feldzer – Fighting for Peace; A World Without Frontiers

If you do something for nothing, it is not worth living. If it is not going to be useful to someone; make an adventure for adventure, does not make sense, it does not make you exist.

Patrick Dutartre: Piloting your business with excellence. Leaders must inspire their employees.

The global landscape is changing rapidly and is replete with risks. Addressing the risks can also help businesses to identify opportunities and better prepare for what lies ahead. The key is to consider the risks as part of structured scenario and strategy development. To effectively manage risk and seize the opportunity that lies within every challenge, a company must manage a variety of business dimensions. 

Virginie Guyot, Fighter Pilot: True Leaders Inspire a Shared Purpose

Every day we struggle to make sense of life, people, and the differences and complexity around us. What motivates the people we interact with? What are they afraid of in life? More importantly, what helps successful people to maintain a strong belief in themselves. A belief that is so strong it ultimately helps them become who they want to be?

Michel Tognini: The Astronaut Secret. Strategy, Communication, and Time Management Are Key

Decades of rapid technological advancement, and social and economic changes have widened the generational gaps and introduced new sources of conflict over the issues of national identity and cultural values that are transforming our world and shaping the risks that threaten our future.

Philippe Boissat, Enter The future requires vision. Seeing through human eyes or satellites?

It is no longer merely what happens in your immediate surroundings that affects your life. Many movements that take place in the far reaches of space define the world today. The billions of connections that exist between complex satellite systems have immediate social, political, and economic impacts and directly influence humanity’s ability to rise to the challenges of 21st-century life and emotion.

Bernard Decré, What can history’s most important aircraft teach us about the future of the aerospace industry?

 "It takes human action, not technology, to transform dreams into reality. It is human desire as driven by curiosity and imagination that creates and transforms our ideas into tangible achievements."

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