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International Business Development

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Developing and expanding a business overseas represents a major challenge and often requires an intimate knowledge of the target country, market, culture, language, and habits. Due to the rapid advances in information technology and the development of a global economy, competition has intensified, and a new and very challenging business environment has emerged.


Cultural factors play a key role in any organization’s ability to penetrate an overseas market and deliver services that are aligned with the needs of the local community. As such, these cultural and institutional influences should be taken into consideration in a solid business strategy that positions services within the local context.


As an individual who has extensive experience of living and working in numerous countries, I am an international business development expert who offers advanced cultural competency and the ability to leverage diverse resources to make your overseas expansion a success. My successful career to date incorporates over ten years of experience working as a business development consultant. Originally starting out in Brazil, I have since worked closely with clients across Europe, Africa, and Asia, and have developed strong skills and expertise that make me ideally placed for recognizing and managing the challenges associated with conducting business in an international environment. I am able to combine my broad conceptual view of overseas expansion practices with an understanding of how contemporary businesses operate to help organizations overcome the challenges associated with globalization. I have developed a proven approach to client engagements that helps businesses identify tactical and strategic opportunities, manage the organizational transformation required to be a success in a given market, and demonstrate cultural competency when establishing productive relationships and communicating with the target market.


I work with highly qualified academic and business sector representatives to establish value-creating relationships. My expertise in the domain of global cultural and business practices and my multicultural vision of global strategy based on experience and proven international implementation practices allows me to help clients to design and execute realistic strategies and transformational changes.


Ana Paula Araujo Mendes

International Business Development Expert


A highly effective and adaptable Business Development and PR Consultant with over 10 years of experience and a proven track record of providing business consultancy and development advice. Specialises in leading business development projects and initiatives for SME clients in Europe and the USA, with particular expertise of supporting clients to penetrate new markets as well as identifying and capitalizing on international business opportunities for companies seeking sustainable business growth. Demonstrates excellent senior level stakeholder management experience with a proven ability to advise, engage and gain buy-in for projects and initiatives at board level and to facilitate introductions. Experience includes working in France, Canada as well as various African and Middle Eastern countries.


Key Expertise:

  • Identification and connecting of business opportunities across multiple sectors including consumer Services, Agriculture, Entertainment and Energy.
  • Proven ability to lead identification and engagement of senior level relationships with partners and suppliers, including leading multinational corporates (such as Deloitte)
  • Additionally accomplished in undertaking PR functions to develop relationships and enhance brand / product visibility, including representing clients at meetings, exhibitions and events
  • Skilled in conducting market research, including competitive target market analysis to develop understanding or markets
  • understanding or markets





  • To be a reference in finding sustainable and rapid solutions in evaluating, revitalizing companies and maximizing results.



  • Transparency in actions
  • Respect for commitments
  • Investment in the search for international knowledge
  • Ethics as a reference for decisions and opinions



  • Acting as excellence and assertiveness, contributing in the organizations to overcome obstacles, maintenance of high performance, and identification of opportunities for international business growth. 





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