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International Business Development

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An effective manager has a broad conceptual view, a deep understanding of today’s business environment, and a strong sense of how businesses operate. To be effective across borders and on a global scale, a manager needs to be flexible, intelligent, and able to adapt their approach to different cultural contexts. A manager needs to be a self-aware, strategic thinker to meet the challenges associated with globalization.


Cultural factors play a key role in an organization’s ability to penetrate an overseas market and deliver services aligned with the needs of a local community. Cultural and institutional influences must be considered for a solid business strategy to position services within the local context. But more importantly, one must understand what really matters most in business: people.


I have extensive experience living and working in numerous countries. I am an international business development expert who offers advanced cultural competency and the ability to leverage diverse resources to make your overseas expansion a success. I have spent over ten years successfully working as a business development consultant. Originally starting in Brazil, I have since worked closely with clients across Europe, Africa, and Asia. In addition, I have developed strong skills and expertise that enable me to recognize and manage the challenges associated with conducting business in an international environment.


Key services include identification and assessment of business opportunities, investor’s research and strategy development for companies seeking for international development as well as supporting business owners / investors to understand issues, challenges and opportunities in various markets worldwide. Also handle senior level engagement and sourcing business partners and suppliers on behalf of clients, including undertaking PR functions and representing clients at meetings, exhibitions and events.

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